Forget ‘Man Caves’, It's all about the She Shed!

Written by
Sam Melton-Ball
May 14, 2018

For year’s men have carved out a space within the home but women are fighting back now and She Shed’s are becoming more popular than ever.

The man cave has always been about seeking peace away from domesticity and the She Shed is just the same – it’s all about creating a space for whatever you love – they are popular for hobbies, a work space or a place ‘just to be’. The possibilities are endless!

There are now many businesses being run from Shed’s around the country. With the gorgeous designs now available along with insulation, plumbing and electricity it is relatively easily and cheaply achieved. Women have started to realise that they might have been missing out!

A garden structure is perfect if you have already extended your home as much as possible. Using a space in the garden to add a building can increase the value of the home, but it does need to be done well. It is a great way of freeing up space within the the house.

If being used for work, then a garden structure can draw a line between domesticity and the working day.

Women are using their new space for many different uses – yoga, reading, running a business, freelance work, crafting and so much more. It can even be a spare bedroom (requires building regs certification) or just a separate space to chill out – the possibilities are endless as is the variety of designs. You can buy a self build very cheaply from a diy store or with a larger budget of say £25k, it is possible to achieve a high end finish with extras like power, underfloor heating, plumbing and a stylish modern exterior. It really does depend on your budget and skills. Even a current shed or playhouse can be converted into a great space relatively cheaply

This beautiful garden building from shackadelic was created for an artist and had to be built around trees on the site. Shackadelic built a bespoke structure to fit the space and work for the client.

Wth a garden room you can really unleash your creativity in a way that you might not in the home. Whether you go for shabby chic, ultra modern, or something else, you can really go for it. Wood is a popular structure as it is relatively cheap and can be assembled very quickly. You can get an insulated timer building from just £5000. There are some beautiful options which include lots of glass and bi-folding doors to open the space on to the garden even more. There is so much inspiration oline if you are unsure or don’t know where to start. Social media is awash with inspiration from shepherds huts, to green houses, to shed conversions, the list goes on:

Garden buildings don’t usually require planning permission unless you are planning to use them as self contained sleeping accommodation or your home is listed. It is worth double checking before you get started as there are limitations surrounding boundaries an heights etc. is a great place to start.

Many people are choosing to add a garden room instead of moving. It will add value to your home so long as the finish is of a high quality and is nearly always cheaper than converting the loft or basement or doing a side return extension. You will usually get the money back when moving as it will have added value to your home.

I love some of the sheds over at The Posh Shed Company. This Gothic shed design starts from just £2800 and is available in 5 sizes and has 3 different roof options. Delivery and installation is an additional cost but is included in the cost of their bespoke options.

So what are you waiting for? Some say that you may add up to 20% to the value of your home with a great garden room. There are so many reasons to create a garden room or convert your shed into a space you can spend time in. We would love to hear what you think. Do send us photos of your ‘sheshed’!

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